Compare two directory trees
There are lots of programs that compare two directories and their descendant trees.
So, of course, I wrote another one, dircomp.
Besides producing its output on the standard output (which can be redirected to a file) writing it myself gave me more control over what it did.
Feel free to modify it for your use. Of course, I can not be responsible for any malicious actions you do with it, modified or unmodified.
Note: After I wrote this I found that the diff command on some versions of Unix (and maybe on Linux) can do the same thing and a whole lot more, and to it much faster.
If dircomp is typed without any arguments it displays a brief usage message:
usage: dircomp [-v] dir_1 [dir_2 [filenames]]
Normally dircomp displays only a message stating whether the files are different or are the same.
If -v is specified the actual output of the diff command will also be displayed.
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