About this Website
This version of the website was built using the treepad program. Treepad is windows-only. I wish it were cross platform (I mostly use a Mac these days),  jreepad is available for non-Windows  platform but it is unfortunately missing several of the features of treepad useful for making web pages.
The initial text for the site was initially typed in as plain text using the excellent  text editor  Vim,  It was then converted to a treepad file by my mktree program. That file was edited using treepad itself, which was then used to and convert it to to html. The generated html was then tweaked by me.
The C and C++ source code was written using Vim which also generated the html used for the colorized html versions.
You can find a description of the Filter package here.
Look and feel
I'm actually not satisfied with the look of this website, but the feel is OK. Organizing the information in a hierarchical and cross-linked fashion, as treepad does,  is useful. However, I don't think the physical layout with the tree on the left and the article on the right is visually appealing. I'm just a newbie to website design but as I get better I expect to improve the appearance.
Have fun and check back often. I'll update this site as fast as I can.
Feel free to send comments, suggestions, errors, and flames to maintainer@intricate‑simplicity.com.
My thanks to:
AllFreeBackgrounds Treepad Vim Statcounter 24timezones.com
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