LISTSERV(R) version 14.5 - most commonly used commands
INFO      <topic|listname>       Order documentation (plain text files)
SUBscribe listname <full name>   Subscribe to a list
SIGNOFF   listname               Sign off from a list
SIGNOFF   * (NETWIDE             - from all lists on all servers
Query     listname               Query your subscription options
Search    listname  keyword...   Search list archives
SET       listname  options      Update your subscription options
INDex     <listname>             Order a list of LISTSERV files
GET       filename filetype      Order a file from LISTSERV
There are more commands; send an INFO REFCARD command for a comprehensive
reference card, or just INFO for a list of available documentation files.
If  you  prefer,  you  can  use  LISTSERV  through  its  web  interface  at
http:⁄⁄⁄cgi-bin⁄wa.exe (the full manuals can also be
browsed online at this URL).
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