Emulate  RCS  version n, where n can be 3, 4, or 5.  This can be useful  when  interchanging  RCS  files with  others who are running older versions of RCS.  To see which version of RCS your correspondents are running,  have  them invoke rcs -V; this works with newer versions of RCS.  If it  doesn't  work,  have them  invoke  rlog  on  an RCS file; if none of the first  few  lines  of  output  contain  the  string branch:  it  is version 3; if the dates' years have just two digits, it is version 4; otherwise, it  is version  5.   An RCS file generated while emulating version 3 loses its default branch.  An  RCS  revision generated while emulating version 4 or earlier has a time stamp that is off by up to 13 hours.   A revision  extracted  while  emulating  version 4 or earlier contains  abbreviated  dates  of  the  form yy/mm/dd and can also contain different white space and line prefixes in the substitution for $Log$.

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