Specifies the suffixes for RCS files.   A  nonempty suffix  matches  any pathname ending in the suffix.  An empty suffix matches any pathname  of  the  form RCS/path  or  path1/RCS/path2.   The  -x option can specify a list of suffixes  separated  by  /.   For example,  -x,v/  specifies two suffixes: ,v and the empty suffix.  If two or more suffixes  are  specified,  they  are tried in order when looking for an RCS file; the first one that works is used for that file.   If no RCS file is found but an RCS file can be created, the suffixes  are  tried  in  order  to determine the new RCS file's name.  The default for suffixes is installation-dependent; normally it  is ,v/ for hosts like Unix that permit commas in filenames, and is empty (i.e. just  the  empty  suffix) for other hosts.

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