Retrieves  the latest revision whose number is less than or equal to rev.  If rev  indicates  a  branch rather than a revision, the latest revision on that branch is retrieved.  If rev is omitted, the latest revision  on  the default branch (see the -b option of rcs(1)) is retrieved.  If rev is  $,  co  determines  the  revision  number from keyword values in the working file.  Otherwise, a  revision  is  composed  of  one  or  more numeric or symbolic fields separated by periods.  If rev begins with a period, then  the  default  branch  (normally the trunk) is prepended to it.  If rev is a  branch  number  followed by a period, then the latest revision on that branch is used.  The numeric equivalent of  a  symbolic  field is specified with the -n option of the commands ci(1) and rcs(1).

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