Create a C or C++ comment in a box
Boxc is a program for use by program developers. It can be used to generate boxes of comment delimiters surrounding a user's comment text.
boxc  has  several options described below. They also be seen by running the
program with the -h option, i.e. box -h.
Usage: boxc [-a -d[12] -+ -- -= -x -⁄ -u -l# -t# -h -? ⁄?]  [file]  
       -a     delimit comment boxes with asterisks (default)
       -d,-d1 doxygen style
       -d2    another doxygen style
       -+     delimit comment boxes with plus signs
       --     delimit comment boxes with plus signs
       -=     delimit comment blocks with equal signs at top and bottom
       -x     delimit comment with minus signs top and bottom, plus on sides
       -⁄     (minus-slash) create C++ comments (not a box)
       -u     attempt to remove boxed comment delimiters
       -l#    if needed, pad comment text to # characters (ignored if -⁄)
       -t# assume tab size is # (default 8)
       ⁄?  as the first argument, -h, or -? display this message
       Tab characters are expanded inside comment blocks
       Trailing white space is stripped
       Leading white space is preserved
       Tabs are used in leading white space if tabs were present in the input
       stdin is used if file is omitted or is "-"
An example of boxc output:  
 * This is a comment *
 * that I put        *
 * inside a box      *
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