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David M. Elins


Stamford, CT

781-999-4321 (mobile)

203-998-7181 (home)



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Professional Summary:  Innovative software developer with a proven track record developing new and creative products and systems and enhancing legacy systems.  Adept at quickly learning and applying languages, tools and systems to achieve strategic and tactical company objectives.


Imaging, Printing, Networking, Graphics, Color Science, Operating Systems,
Embedded Systems, Computer Language Development, Object Oriented Technologies, Multi-threading and Process Synchronization, Mathematical background


Analysis and Design, Algorithm Development, Research, Leadership, Communications, Mentoring and Teaching, Problem Solving

Technologies Used

C, C++, Assembly Language, Java, Linux, Unix, VMS, Windows Shell scripts, Perl, Python, Awk, Excel, Word, SQL, Doxygen, make, TCP/IP, various Source Control systems, MS Visual Studio



Senior Software Engineer

Valhalla, NY

7/2014 to present

       Investigated bugs and new features

       Performed Q/A Testing

       Technologies: Java, Eclipse, Linux, Windows, SVN, reviewboard, bugzilla



Stoneham, MA

11/2011 to 8/2012

       Modified and upgraded software used in measuring blood glucose levels.

       The work was done in C++ on Virtual Machine running Ubuntu Linux.
The machine image was then downloaded onto the actual device.

       Technologies: C, C++, Linux, SVN, GNU automake.

Conexant Systems, Inc.

Senior Developer

Waltham, MA

1/2008 to 2/2010

       Developed embedded firmware for the Postscript page description language (PDL) on ARM architecture. The code was written in C, C++, and some assembly language. Knowledge of Real Time Operating systems was essential.

       Researched a system architecture for supporting multiple PDLs embedded on a single chip.

       Converted a Windows device driver for a proprietary chip from one monolithic C++ program to a set of C routines built using Microsoft Visual Studio.

       Technologies: C, C++, Windows, Visual Studio, ThreadX, Scripting tools.

Accuro Healthcare Solutions

Technical Team Leader

Billerica, MA

6/2006 to 2/2007

       Team Leader responsible for development and maintenance of software used in Medicare reimbursement calculations. The code runs on many diverse platforms and operating systems.

Principal implementation languages were C++ and C but a knowledge of assembly language was necessary as the code was modeled on an pre-existing assembler implementation

       Managed updating of existing products and investigation of new products.

       Technologies: C, C++, Assembly Language, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Perl, Scripting tools.


Software Engineer

Boston, MA

1/2006 to 6/2006

       Developed enhancements to financial software used for forecasting.

       Technologies: C++. Windows, SQL Server, Perforce, C++ Test, Agile/Scrum.

The TJX Companies


Westborough, MA

2/2005 to 9/2005

       Designed and developed conversion programs and networking facilities to implement company‑specific customer identifier.

       Designed and developed TCP/IP socket routines, XML/SOAP parser, web service interface.

       Technologies: TCP/IP, Sockets, Multi-threading, Process Synchronization, C, Unix, Windows.




Nashua, NH

1/2001 to 12/2003

       Part of the VMS Operating System development group.

       Created language processing and system utilities for Intels Itanium IA-64 architecture.

       Contributed to the design of the linker for Itanium VMS.

       Technologies: VMS, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Shell scripting, C, C++, Bliss, Assembly Language.

Foliage Software Systems

Senior Software Engineer

Burlington, MA

2/1999 to 12/2000

       Developed and implemented large, web-based systems for tax payment and registration.

       Acted as principal resource for UNIX and Trusted Solaris operating systems.

       Participated in data base design

       Designed and implemented device drivers for microchip inspection and fabrication.

       Technologies: Solaris, Trusted Solaris, UNIX, Linux, NT, C, C++, Java, Shell scripting, Oracle, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe.

Avid Parking Systems


Cambridge, MA

1/1992 to 8/1997

Avid Systems was a startup developing proprietary garage entry-control machinery based on vehicle RFID tag recognition, similar to systems currently in use on superhighways.

I designed and implemented the system, deployed at MIT and some public parking facilities.

       Designed multi-threading and message-passing objects used to implement the system.

       Designed and implemented back-end programs to manage garage access.

       Designed and implemented database (SQL) and accounting routines.

       Designed and implemented hardware control routines.

Xionics Document Tech

Consulting Software Engineer

Burlington, MA

6/1989 to 1/1999

       Project Leader for the Postscript Development Team.

       Made major contributions to an embedded Postscript language interpreter.

       Developed and improved color-space interpolation and half-tone (tiling) algorithms.

       Developed and implemented image processing facilities.

       Contributed to the implementation of Postscript memory management.

       Technologies: C, Assembly Language, Solaris, Windows, Soft-ICE, Awk, Shell scripting.

Catalytix Corporation

Principal Software Engineer

Cambridge, MA

1/1986 to 5/1989

Catalytix developed tools to assist C language developers.

       Implemented a C language interpreter, a language trainer, and a memory usage analyzer.

       Designed and implemented a system to allow run-time (dynamic) linking of interpreted C language programs and pre-compiled object modules/libraries.

       Wrote library of to expedite the development porting of C programs from UNIX to VAX/VMS.

Spinnaker Software

Senior Software Engineer

Cambridge, MA

7/1983 to 12/1985

Spinnaker developed and marketed educational computer games.

       Developed an image processing system to convert hand drawn art for use in games.

       Developed low-level support routines for use in gaming processors.


Boston College

Master's Degree in Computer Science

University of Michigan

B.S. in Mathematics, with high honors


Association for Computing Machinery, IEEE Computer Society, Phi Beta Kappa

Town Meeting Member; Town of Burlington, MA


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