Generates  a  new revision which is the join of the revisions on  joinlist.   This  option  is  largely obsoleted  by rcsmerge(1) but is retained for backwards compatibility.  The joinlist is a comma-separated list of pairs  of the  form  rev2:rev3, where rev2 and rev3 are (symbolic or numeric) revision numbers.  For  the  initial  such pair, rev1 denotes the revision selected by the above options -f, ..., -w.   For  all  other pairs,  rev1  denotes the revision generated by the previous pair.   (Thus,  the  output  of  one  join becomes the input to the next.) For  each  pair,  co  joins revisions rev1 and rev3 with respect to rev2.  This means that all  changes that transform rev2 into rev1 are applied to a copy of rev3.  This is particularly useful if  rev1  and rev3 are the ends of two branches that have rev2 as a common ancestor.  If rev1

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