Programs written (mostly) by David Elins for public distribution
Please check this web site often as I be update it frequently.
I intend to use it to post the various programs and tools I have written over the years as they may, perhaps, be as useful to others as they have been to me.
Also, please send me feedback, even critical feedback. Besides letting me know that someone is actually visiting this site, I'd appreciate suggestions and ideas on how to make it more interesting and useful.

You can reach me at maintainer@intricate‑
Salem, NH
I prefer to think of the way I am developing this website as incremental development, like the way Michelangelo developed the Pietà  . He didn't start by sculpting a foot and build up from there; he started with a block of marble and chipped away at it to reveal the art he saw hiding inside. I'm going to dump my code up here and chip away at it until this site is a thing of beauty (at least to me).
Before                               After
You will find lots of programs here. Most are not yet documented. You will probably think many are stupid but hopefully you will think some of them are clever and can get ideas for your own work from them. Also, there are several different programs that do identical things. In this case, usually I had forgotten I had already written a program and ended up writing another version.
This website will change. The stupid stuff will go away (but not for everyone - this is the Web, where no one knows you are a dog and you can anonymously bark at anything you want).
I'm putting up much of my code (more to come) and will document and chip away at it until I reveal the hidden (what I think is) art.
I'm not Michelangelo. I'm just a guy who likes to think about things and is interested in Mathematics and Computing.
Feel free to comment, even if flaming. Behind any emotional content, I'll try to understand what you are saying and see if you have a valid point.
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