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-cdb,--comment-delimiters-on-blank-lines -ncdb,--no-comment-delimiters-on-blank-lines -cdn,--declaration-comment-columnn -cdw,--cuddle-do-while -ncdw,--dont-cuddle-do-while -ce,--cuddle-else -nce,--dont-cuddle-else -cin,--continuation-indentationn -clin,--case-indentationn -cn,--comment-indentationn -cpn,--else-endif-columnn -cs,--space-after-cast -ncs,--no-space-after-casts -din,--declaration-indentationn -dn,--line-comments-indentationn -fc1,--format-first-column-comments -nfc1,--dont-format-first-column-comments -fca,--format-all-comments -nfca,--dont-format-comments -gnu,--gnu-style -hnl,--honour-newlines -nhnl,--ignore-newlines -in,--indent-leveln -ipn,--parameter-indentationn -nip,--no-parameter-indentation -kr,--k-and-r-style -lcn,--comment-line-lengthn -lp,--continue-at-parentheses -nlp,--dont-line-up-parentheses -lps,--leave-preprocessor-space -ln,--line-lengthn -npro,--ignore-profile -orig,--original -pcs,--space-after-procedure-calls -npcs,--no-space-after-function-call-names -pin,--paren-indentationn -pmt,--preserve-mtime -prs,--space-after-parentheses -nprs,--no-space-after-parentheses -psl,--procnames-start-lines -npsl,--dont-break-procedure-type -saf,--space-after-for -nsaf,--no-space-after-for -sai,--space-after-if -nsai,--no-space-after-if -saw,--space-after-while -nsaw,--no-space-after-while -sbin,--struct-brace-indentationn -sc,--start-left-side-of-comments -nsc,--dont-star-comments -sob,--swallow-optional-blank-lines -nsob,--leave-optional-blank-lines -ss,--space-special-semicolon -nss,--dont-space-special-semicolon -st,--standard-output -T -tsn,--tab-sizen -ut,--use-tabs -nut,--no-tabs -v,--verbose -nv,--no-verbosity -version Indent Options sorted by Specifier Indent Options sorted by Description It's vs. Its It's vs. Its_1 It's vs. Its_2 Listserv Commands help command Powers of Two Powers &gt:= 64 RCS Commands and Options RCS ci command -rrev -r -l[rev] -u[rev] -f[rev] -k[rev] -q[rev] -i[rev] -j[rev] -I[rev] -d[date] -M[rev] -mmsg -nname -Nname -sstate -tfile -t-string -T -wlogin -V -Vn -xsuffixes -zzone RCS co command -r[rev] -l[rev] -u[rev] -f[rev] -kkv Generate keyword strings using the default form, -kkvl -kk -ko -kb -kv -p[rev] -q[rev] -I[rev] -ddate -M[rev] -sstate -T -w[login] -jjoinlist -V -Vn -xsuffixes -zzone RCS rcs command -i -alogins -Aoldfile -e[logins] -b[rev] -cstring -ksubst -l[rev] -u[rev] -L -U -mrev:msg -M -nname[:[rev]] -Nname[:[rev]] -orange -q -I -sstate[:rev] -t[file] -t-string -T -V -Vn -xsuffixes -zzone RCS Keywords SI Numeric Prefixes Unix Man Pages adb man page (sco3242) cc man page (unixware) cc man page (hpux) as man page (unixware) sed man page (unixware) gcc man page (isuse10) $ gcc --target-help $ gcc --help -v Bash man page (suse10) sh man page ( suse10) rcs man page (irplinux4) ci man page (irplinux4) co man page (irplinux4) gawk man page (cygwin) ipcs man page (irpsun1) POP Commands POP3 Commands Basic POP3 Commands (work in all implementations) Commands in the AUTHORISATION state Commands in the TRANSACTION state Commands in the UPDATE state Optional POP3 Commands (only work in some implementations) Commands in the AUTHORISATION state: Commands in the TRANSACTION state: POP3 Replies RCS Keywords Microsoft HowTo Avoid login from screensaver Borland Borland Debugging - no register variables Borland Debugging - Line Numbers off Change default Windows Programs CSDiff Command Line Options /O[outFormat][outfile] /i /q /bblanksMode /scomparMethod /n (Document Mode) /t=size (Document Mode) /IfileTypes (Folder Mode) /XfileTypes (Folder Mode) /d (Folder Mode) /r "ReportDescription" (Folder Mode) Examples Default Internet Explorer Location Disable Windows Messenger in XP Disassociate Winzip with explorer Enable File Name Completion Excel insert date and/or time JScript regular expressions Login as Administrator Make cygwin use Windows CRLF conventions Make shortcut to system restore Microsoft Visual Studio Add a command button to a toolbar Build Console Application Create a new toolbar Create Empty Project and Solution VSEmpty1 Customize toolbar button images Display Breakpoints Display Line Numbers Manipulate a printer from the command line Set breakpoints from a file Explcit Set Set from a text file Save to a text file Set tabstops displayed Show line numbers To edit button images Use Vim to edit View breakpoints window Visual Studio Macros Visual Studio set breakpoints from a file Load breakpoints from a text file Save breakpoints to a text file Rebuild Solution Attach to Spooler Open ports in Windows Firewall Open firewall for Remote Desktop Open firewall for FTP Server Remove an undeleteable file Set IE as default browser Turn off CD Autoplay in Windows XP View IE Source with Vim Windows Data Types (from MSDN) ATOM BOOL BOOLEAN BYTE CALLBACK CHAR COLORREF CONST DWORD DWORDLONG DWORD_PTR DWORD32 DWORD64 FLOAT HACCEL HALF_PTR HANDLE HBITMAP HBRUSH HCOLORSPACE HCONV HCONVLIST HCURSOR HDC HDDEDATA HDESK HDROP HDWP HENHMETAFILE HFILE HFONT HGDIOBJ HGLOBAL HHOOK HICON HINSTANCE HKEY HKL HLOCAL HMENU HMETAFILE HMODULE HMONITOR HPALETTE HPEN HRESULT HRGN HRSRC HSZ HWINSTA HWND INT INT_PTR INT32 INT64 LANGID LCID LCTYPE LGRPID LONG LONGLONG LONG_PTR LONG32 LONG64 LPARAM LPBOOL LPBYTE LPCOLORREF LPCSTR LPCTSTR LPCVOID LPCWSTR LPDWORD LPHANDLE LPINT LPLONG LPSTR LPTSTR LPVOID LPWORD LPWSTR LRESULT PBOOL PBOOLEAN PBYTE PCHAR PCSTR PCTSTR PCWSTR PDWORD PDWORDLONG PDWORD_PTR PDWORD32 PDWORD64 PFLOAT PHALF_PTR PHANDLE PHKEY PINT PINT_PTR PINT32 PINT64 PLCID PLONG PLONGLONG PLONG_PTR PLONG32 PLONG64 POINTER_32 POINTER_64 PSHORT PSSIZE_T PSTR PTBYTE PTCHAR PTSTR PUCHAR PUHALF_PTR PUINT PUINT_PTR PUINT32 PUINT64 PULONG PULONGLONG PULONG_PTR PULONG32 PULONG64 PUSHORT PVOID PWCHAR PWORD PWSTR SC_HANDLE SC_LOCK SERVICE_STATUS_HANDLE SHORT SIZE_T SSIZE_T TBYTE TCHAR UCHAR UHALF_PTR UINT UINT_PTR UINT32 UINT64 ULONG ULONGLONG ULONG_PTR ULONG32 ULONG64 USHORT USN VOID WCHAR WINAPI WORD WPARAM Windows 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